We are a full service VR studio,
we also design our own VR editing platform.

About Us

Pseudoscience Pictures is an immersive film production company based in Los Angeles, California. Using an innovative and proprietary editing process, Pseudoscience allows filmmakers to create fully immersive VR experiences through multiple viewpoints.

Formed by independent filmmakers Josh Gladstone and Daniel Kaminsky - Pseudoscience Pictures was born out of a passion for emerging VR technologies and a frustration with the lack of engaging cinema in the burgeoning medium. With a homebrew ethic, the two developed their own VR production methodology and unique editing system by modifying available technologies and incorporating techniques from film theory.

Pseudoscience is continuing to develop its technologies and approaches and hopes to inspire and educate other filmmakers about the possibilities of interactive storytelling.


The short horror film, The Presence, is the first production from Pseudoscience Pictures. The story follows four characters through a séance gone wrong. It is a proof-of-concept film illustrating Pseudoscience’s two approaches to VR storytelling: active and reactive.

In the active version the viewer is able to move around freely through multiple viewpoints - discovering different threads of a larger plot in a method inspired by live, immersive theatre. The other version, reactive, waits for the viewer's gaze to discover the next shot organically - allowing the filmmaker to tell a story through an audience's natural curiosity.

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Experience the world's first VR music video that reacts to you! "VR" is a new song by Los Angeles comedy trio and UCB regulars The Cooties. Control the content with interactivity that always keeps things new. The more you look around, the more there is to see!

Made in partnership with Jash and Google Jump.

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   in Stereo 360

   in 6DoF


6-Degree-of-Freedom (6DoF) or "Volumetric Video", is an emerging technology for capturing actual 3D spaces in photos and video. Pseudoscience 6DoF Viewer is the only app that allows you to load your own equirectangular 360° photos and videos with depth maps, and recreate them in VR.

With Pseudoscience 6DoF Viewer, you can move around inside  your media, or adjust the lighting, scale, position, and much more.

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  for Windows Mixed Reality

  for HTC Vive

Coming soon to the Oculus Rift

No VR? No problem! We have desktop builds for Windows and Mac OS X


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